Based in Kingwood, Texas, Kingwood Paws & Claws is dedicated to looking after your pets when you are unable to do so yourself.

Maybe you are a busy professional; recovering from an illness; planning a family wedding; elderly or simply going away for a few days. There are many reasons why you may find yourself unable to take care of your pet and in need of a little help.

Kingwood Paws & Claws is the ideal choice to offer that help. Kingwood Paws & Claws offers personal care and attention with the emphasis on the well being of your pet. Kingwood Paws & Claws provides daily walks for your dog and cares for all domestic pets in the familiar surroundings of their own home. It is no longer necessary to put your pet through the ordeal of an unfamiliar surroundings. Kingwood Paws & Claws can visit from once to three times daily to ensure that your pet is content and well cared for.


Shelly Plays with a Wombat in Australia !!
Shelly loves all kinds of animals,
even Mollie the wombat!

Shelly Leith is President of Kingwood Paws & Claws. Prior to founding the firm, Shelly was a Senior Specialist with Enron Energy Services, a division of Enron Corp. In her 16 years with Enron, she served in a variety of analytical and supervisory positions. After the fall of Enron, Shelly decided to pursue her dream of having her own business. With her lifelong love of animals, a pet-sitting service in the Kingwood area seemed to be an ideal fit.

Beloved Kingwood, Texas Pet
In loving memory of J.R.

Paul & Wezzie's First Birthday!



Shelly Leith
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