This is what some of Shelly's clients have to say:


Chelsea & Riley hanging out in Kingwood, Texas !

"Thank you so much for taking such good care of us!"

Chelsea & Riley
Kingwood, TX

Kingwood, Texas Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Customer !

"We wouldn't dream of having anyone else
take care of our dog, Ranger.
Shelly goes above and beyond
in all services that she provides."

Tom, Pat, & Ranger
Kingwood, TX

Ranger - Kingwood, Texas region Pet Sitting Client

"Ranger quenches his thirst at his favorite fountain!"

Kingwood, TX

Peanut - Kingwood, Texas region Pet Sitting Client

"We wouldn't have anybody else!"

Kingwood, TX


Pet Sitting Client Holly Rests by Fire in Kingwood, Texas

Dear Shelly,
Holly used to hate to go to the boarding kennels when we went away. She would quiver and tuck her tail between her legs and we always felt so badly leaving her. Now when we go away we know that she gets lots of loving attention, goes for long walks and sleeps in her own bed.

Instead of having to wait to pick her up when the kennel opens the next day, she now meets us at the door with "frog" in mouth and a wagging tail. We always know she's been well cared for. Thanks for your wonderful and caring service. If you ever need a reference please let us know.

Tom & Lynne Walsh
(and Holly too!!)

Thanks so much for taking great care of our dogs and the house. Everything was terrific when we returned. It is really comforting that you are reliable and caring while we are gone. I don't take this for granted in today's world!

Doug R.
Kingwood, TX

We really love having Pat care for our kitties when we are gone. I never have even a moment of concern.

Linda A.
Kingwood, TX

Hi Shelly,
Honey and Clover were fine when we got home. They looked happy and healthy. We appreciated Traci’s going over to our neighbor and explaining about where she was coming from on the day it rained. We are glad she came back to let the girls in. The house looked great and the plants looked perky. The mail was stacked neatly. Also, we appreciated Traci’s texts to say all was well. We’ll call you next time.

Thanks so much.
Lee Ann M.
Kingwood, TX


It has been almost 10 years since my husband and I moved to Kingwood from Arizona. We brought with us our most prized possessions - 6 dogs!!! We had 4 English Pointers, l German Short Hair Pointer and one Sheltie who was both blind and deaf. It was the best day of all when we had the luck to contact Shelly Leith to discuss care of our brood when I wanted to leave the house for luncheon, shopping or bridge playing.

As we do not like to leave our dogs alone for many hours, a loving, competent care giver was essential. Shelly assigned Allyn to be our pets’ "stand-by" Mom. Throughout the years we lost five of our precious pets to old age. Shelly and Allyn were there throughout our sorrow - and grieved with us. We have since moved to Atascocita and, of course, Shelly and Allyn have agreed to continue their care of our last old fellow - even though it is way out of their mileage limits. Shelly and Allyn have been there for us when my husband had surgery, when I have had surgery and when I have had to go out of town. We could not be a family without the love and devotion of the most wonderful animal caregivers in the world.

Sandra Kindred, Don Kindred and Feisty Kindred

Pet Sitter Creates New Leash on Career Life

Houston resident Shelly Leith has always loved animals, but as a child she never had a pet. Her father dislikedKingwood Pet Sitter cats and her mother was afraid of dogs. This didn’t stop Leith from trying, though. “I would bring dogs home with me and tie them up behind the garage. They’d start howling in the middle of the night and my mother had to go out there to let them go,” Leith said. As an adult, Leith has extended her enthusiasm for pets to other people’s animals through pet sitting.
Before opening her own business, Leith worked at Enron for 16 years until its downfall. “After that, I wasn’t able to find a job in the energy field,” Leith said. “I spoke to an acquaintance who connected me with a woman who had run her own pet care business and was retiring.” Leith had hoped to get the woman’s client list, but it had been discarded.

With no client list and no Internet channel, starting up Kingwood Paws & Claws was hard. “I used to go out and run on the Greenbelt, taking my business cards with me. If I would see someone walking a dog, I would approach the person and offer my business card, briefly explaining the nature of the business,” she said. This earned her a few clients.

Leith enjoys meeting new clients. “I think that people who have pets and really care about having their pets get good care are generally nice people,” she said.

Currently Leith has three pet sitters working with her – Traci, Allyn, and Pat. The primary relationship each client has within the company is with the pet sitter assigned to his or her pet(s). The company could not succeed without the dedication and devotion these women have shown over the years. Having honest, dependable employees is crucial for any business and especially in a situation where the employee is tasked with going into the client’s home and taking good care of the client’s beloved pets.

Leith’s advice to people who are considering starting their own pet care business is to be aware of the time commitment required. “If it’s your own business, you’re on call all day, every day. It’s very hard to find time to get away for even a brief vacation.”

Leith still likes to jog, and frequently relaxes with a good novel. It may be surprising, but Leith doesn’t own a pet right now. “When I retire, I’ll probably get a dog,” she said. She’swaiting until she has the time to devote to a pet. For now, she gives her love to her clients’pets.

The above story is a modification of an article by Elyse Kelly published in the Houston Chronicle on May 8, 2014


Shelly Leith
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